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Our Projects. 

Pease River Partners and Foard County have many ongoing projects on the property.  We work closely with the local Corps of Engineeers, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife, National Wild Turkey Federation, National Resources Conservation Department and many others. 

Year Round Grazing:

After much work and studies, Foard County now has a year round grazing program on the area.  The area is leased for Cow Calf operation and has many guidelines to ensure that the area is not overgrazed or harmed in any way.  The leasee adheres to a strict lease modeled after the Matador Wildlife Management Area.  Foard County Commissioner from Precinct Four monitors the leasee.




Disabled Veteran Deer Hunts:

Combat Disabled Veterans Hunts and Outings – This project is near and dear to our hearts.  In 2009 we started the first Combat Disabled Veterans Hunt on TMWRA.  The deer population needed to be controlled and we could not turn the general public loose with rifles on the property for safety reasons,  so we tried a few different approaches before doing a total combat disabled Veteran deer hunt. This has been a huge success story for PRP’s.  The hunters combat disabled veterans or Wounded Warriors, and are screened and selected by local Chapter 41 DAV Commander.  We try to give them a very positive and relaxing few days to get away from whatever burdens they may have.  The hunters are housed in our Combat Wounded Veterans lodge, served good meals, and each hunter’s provided with a guide for their outing.


Children's Outdoor Dreams Hunts:

Much like the Disabled Veterans Hunts, helping these kids make memories of their short lifetime is very rewarding and humbling.  They have enough problems with day to day living.  We go the extra mile to make sure they have a great experience in the field.


Turkey Roost Protection:

Extensive work was done at the direction of TPW and NWTF, to enhance and protect a huge turkey roost on the Area.  It was fenced off and is strictly no hunting area.  Pease River Partners also keep many food plot with growing wheat and milo for the wildlife through out the area.


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