Access to area:


The area is open to the public on most days.  It is, however, closed to the public from time to time but will be posted in advance on our website main page and will have a big sign on the main gate going into the area. 


Public access is from the main parking lot on the South East corner of the property labeled "Entrance".  No motorized or electric vehicles are allowed.  It is walk in or bike in only from the parking area.  If you choose to bike in, you must stay on the area defined roads.  Our trail map shows these roads and as well as mile markers and other points of interest.



Hunting is allowed on the area except in the "No Hunting Area" clearly marked on the trail map. 


Shotgun or bow only!  No rifle hunting is allowed by the public.  No Deer Hunting is allowed.  Turkey, quail, dove, duck, geese, hog, and varmint hunting are allowed.  Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations apply to the area and are enforced by Texas Game Wardens.


Cattle Grazing:


The area is leased for cattle grazing.  Please leave gates as you find them.  If they are open, leave them open, if they are closed, please close them back.  Foard County commissioners lease the area on a 5 year term.  If you are interested in leasing the property please contact the Foard County Judge.